First filter soaked in hot water bath for at least five minutes. The filter in your siphon head assembly (hopper) at the bottom and filter small tail hook to the bottom of the hopper of the glass tube.


Syphon installed at the bottom of the component (bulb), pour 300ml of hot water inside.


First bottom pot (bulb) on the heat source, and then insert the hopper to the bulb.


When the water is heating, prepare the beans between 20-25 grams, and pulverized into account the thickness of drip coffee than a little bit.


Soon, the light bulb of the water begins to boil, rise to the hopper. For some reason related to the physical, we do not fully understand, a little water will remain in the bottom. Do not worry about it.


Once the water into the hopper, adjust the heat so that the water temperature controlled at between 185-195 degrees Fahrenheit


Pour coffee powder into the hopper, gently stirred with a stirring rod (bamboo recommended) to make coffee powder is completely soaked




Steady light to move out of the siphon pot from heat, and stir for 10 under.


Then your coffee liquid slowly down the drain, and finally in the bulb.


The upper part of the hopper pulled out for a few minutes so that the coffee liquid drop point temperature, and then drink.

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