drip coffee brewing method


Pour into the pot of coffee powder and about 40g chicory powder. (Chicory root after roasted and ground coffee was added as a flavoring additive or as a coffee substitute; can be painted cream after eating cooked root, chicory pictures (20) are sometimes used for salad leaves do coffee. coloring, enriched and increased bitterness (New Orleans, people often do).)


In the pot poured 2.7 liters of ice water, then stir with a stirring rod.


Cover and let stand for 8-12 hours.


After sufficient Qin bubble, the whole pot of liquid into the filter separated clean liquid coffee, it looks like espresso.


Add about 85ml of syrup and mix well.


Add ice cubes and drinking milk. Liquid milk and coffee roughly equal proportion. On storage, just filter coffee liquid can be stored for 5-7 days after the sugar can be stored for 1-2 days, after sugar and milk can be stored for about one hour.

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