If you just bought a new filter flannel, flannel cloth will be removed from the metal ring to put the pot boiled for 5 minutes and then loaded on the hoop.


Grinding coffee beans. Flannel coffee used coffee than conventional filter to drop more; normally 45-50g; coarse ground coffee and French Press pot with almost.


Kettle with hot water and warm flannel cloth underneath, 1 minute, then pour water in the kettle.


The ground coffee powder poured into the flannel cloth, holding soft, do not press.


The edge of the coffee powder to the middle of the appropriation of wood or bamboo, a soft mound appearance.


With a wooden stick at the top of the heap of coffee powder, said height of a five-dime-sized pits, the depth and almost a pushpin.


Let the water temperature dropped to 80 degrees. Start brewing, soothing to the pits in the middle of the watering coffee, this process should be very slow (45ml water, 45 seconds after pouring). Do not worry about whether the stuffy complete saturation, capillary principle and enough time to infiltrate. After the completion of standing water for 45 seconds.


Final pour! This time, with 30 seconds to powder center watering 60ml, again with 3 minutes 20 seconds watering 185ml.


After the brewing process is complete, the drinking cup with hot water preheating. Flannel brewed coffee brewing temperature than other conventional low. Heated with hot water before drinking a cup of coffee taste better so. Please do not brew good coffee in the microwave heating!

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