moka pot


Milling about 20-22g of coffee powder, coffee powder thickness with Espresso coffee machine.


Pour half of the water to the pot.


The supporting metal mesh placed well.


Gently went into the coffee filter inside.


Coffee with your fingers to scratch the top level. The best way: from top to bottom, then right to left. Said differently, from 12 o'clock to 6:00, from 3:00 to 9:00. Knock on the table a few can, figure.


On the expensive, tighten, we must wait for the next heating it!


The Moka placed in the middle of the room.


When the bottom pot of water boiling up, the internal pressure of the bottom of the pot will forget their extraction on the red coffee pot from the middle of the nozzle to flow out of the cup body. If the coffee is liquid explosive erupted, indicating the water temperature is too high, the opposite flow out too slow to explain the water temperature is too low, then the fire was increased more. When you hear a hissing and bubbling sound, coffee cooked.


When to cup pour coffee to be careful, Moka integration of metal, but also hot go again! Finally, enjoy a coffee bar!

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