green coffee bean

green coffee bean
green coffee bean is Rubiaceae evergreen shrub or small tree leaves opposite, leathery, ovate oblong; peanut in leaf axils, white; oval berries, dark red seed inside 2 pills. Native to tropical East Africa, coffee according to the size of coffee beans is divided into large and medium grain and small: small fruit coffee is suitable for in the Upland Cultivation of 600 to 1200 meters above sea level, more resistant to low temperature, but with weak resistance to disease; fruit coffee is suitable for the 300 to 700 meters above sea level areas of cultivation, drought resistant, afraid of the wind, but the higher yield and good quality, after the mature fruit is not easy to fall off; Fruit Coffee suitable in elevation of 300 meters below the lowland cultivation, both drought and of plant diseases and insect pests harm are resistant, and strong flavor. green coffee bean bean extract chlorogenic acid plants in oxygen process via the shikimate pathway produces a phenylpropanoid compounds, also called caffetannic acid formed by several isomers. Lv Yuan acid soluble in water, ethanol, acetone, slightly soluble in ethyl acetate, at room temperature was light yellow solid.
green coffee bean ingredients
Has a particularly strong bitter taste, stimulating the central nervous system, heart and respiratory system. Moderate amount of caffeine can also reduce muscle fatigue, and promote the secretion of digestive juice. Because it will promote kidney function, there is a diuretic effect, to help the body to discharge excess sodium ions in vitro. But excessive intake can lead to caffeine poisoning. [1]
Tannic acid
Tannic acid after boiling decomposes coking Wu acid, so the taste of coffee before brewing for a long time will become worse. [4]
The most important of which is acid fat and volatile fat.
Acid fat
That is, the fat contains acid, its strength will vary depending on the type of coffee.
Volatile fat
The main source of coffee aroma, it is a kind of will emit about forty kinds of aromatic substances.
Kaluri's main source, the proportion is not high. Coffee at the end of the protein in the coffee, most will not dissolve out, so the intake of the limited.
Raw coffee beans contain sugar by about 8%, after baking after most of the sugar branch into caramel, coffee to the formation of brown, and tannic acid are combined with each other to produce sweet.
Bean fiber baking after carbonization, and combined with each other to form coffee caramel color.
Contains a small amount of lime, iron, phosphorus, sodium carbonate, etc..

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