gas coffee roaster

Gas coffee roaster is suitable in coffee house, west restaurant, cocoa roasting factory and lab. When roasting, you can see the change of cocoa bean at any time. Special design cooling system, the cocoa bean can be cooled in 2 minutes. Roasting and cooling systems are separate and it can roast continuously. Stainless steel rotary drum, fast heating, it is in line with the food health standard.

Gas coffee roaster machine

1.Roller: A specially designed roller which can ensure even baking.At the same time it can avoid baking defects and enhance the flavor of coffee bean.
2.The green coffee bean putting funnel: We adopt the food machinery dedicated stainless steel which has good corrosion resistance function.Its safety,healthy and have no pollution.
3.Housing: Stainless steel housing has beautiful appearance.Its easy to operate and also can prevent rusting.
4.The control panel: It is clear at a glance, easy to operate.Buttons have long service life,which can be used more than 100000 times.
5.Alarm system:If ignition is not successful or temperature is too high,it can power out automatically.Safety use has a protective effect on the machine.
6.Thermometer: FUJI PID digital temperature control panel,it has long service life and precision measurement.
7.Gas pressure value: Excellent oven heat preservation technology, gas pressure value adjustment can be accurate to 0.1 k pa. Withstand voltage, high temperature resistant, shockproof and durable.
8.The main switch:Air switch can protect machine when it is overloading, short circuiting or under voltage protection. Advantages:the operate value is adjustable, high breaking capacity, convenient operation, safety, etc.
9.Motor, draught fan:totally using the copper wire, have long service life.
10.The green coffee bean putting funnel switch:Its convenient to master the coffee beans baking volume.It can be shut down to prevent heat loss when it is baking.It can play a role in dust prevention when not in use.

Main Features of Gas coffee roaster:

1)The machine has the safest and most durable design to ensure stable performance and the least breakdown.
2) Roasting temperature control flexible, sensitive. Good control performance.
3) It has an accurate temperature sensing system; the temperature is showed by the digital sensor.
4) It has 4 motor such as air (Taking the time to motor), cooling motor, stirrer motor, main motor.chaff exhaust system .
5) Cooling tray with mixer arms
6) can roasting continuously no need stop and wait.
7) Equipped with a visual window, can observe the coffee color changes, equipped with large sampling device.
8) Appearance design is elegant, beautiful, let your cafe more distinctive.
9) The operation is simple and easy to understand.
10) Stainless steel drum, heat fast, even heating.Stainless steel cigarette filter device can filter dust, keep the environment clean.
11)The machine has an elegant design and the colours have many choices. Your logo can also be printed on it.


Q:Whether your machine is used for baking fruit and other products?

R:Our machine is specialized in roasting coffee beans. If your products are suitable for the temperature and the size requirment ,it can be worked well.

Q:What is your key products?

R:Our key product is coffee roaster with many different capacity models,also coffee grinder is produced.  

Q:How many years is warranty

R:One year. This service can be offered during this period (expect break it by human or on purposes).

Q:Whether your machine is used for baking fruit and other products?

R:Our machine is specialized in roasting coffee beans. If your products are suitable for the temperature and the size requirement ,it can be worked well

Technical Parameter of Gas coffee roaster:





Heating Model

Gas Heating

Gas Heating

Gas Heating

Hourly Capacity

4-6 kg / hour

12-18 kg / hour

45--60 kg / hour

Batch Capacity

0.5--1 kg

3 kg


Rated Voltage

110 / 220 V

110 / 220 V

220--380 v

Rated Frequency



50--60 HZ

Rated Power

130 W

580 W

1410 W

Number of Motors




Gas Consumption

0.35 kg / hour

0.8 kg / hour

2.2 kg / hour

Roasting Time

10--15 mins / batch

10-15 mins / batch

15--20 mins / batch


76 kg

170 kg

600 kg




256*96*210 cm


Red / Black or upon request

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