french press


Ready 400ml of water and then heated.


At this time while still heating with grinder coffee beans ground into powder. Thickness coffee powder is screen mesh French Press pot is more than twice the size.


French Press coffee powder into the jar, then pour hot water slowly circle. Recommended gouache 1:10 that if coffee powder is 40g so water is 400g.


Gentle stirring rod with a stirring with chopsticks is also OK. So stir for 30 seconds. .


The French Press pot lid, but do not press down, wait for 4 minutes.


She began to press down, and if you feel pressure, because the coffee is too fine, the coffee anyway, is too thick. Best safest of pressure around 6-9kg, do not feel it? Go to the bathroom to try ^ _ ^ we tried.


Brewing is complete, immediately came pouring in other thermos flasks! Do not delay, because the coffee was still inside the bubble. Then again inverted cup drink!

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