The brew coffee machine handle from the head cook to take down, put on the electronic scales and tare.


Press the coffee switch operation, put hot water brewing head.


Fill coffee powder, coffee filter in front of the loaded handle. Two cups amount is 18-21g. Coffee uniformity will affect the final flavor, so there is a good chance a good grinding, grinding appropriate adjustments in degree of thickness.


The brew coffee machine handle from the head cook to take down, put on the electronic scales and tare.


Use your fingers to scratch the top of the coffee powder, from left to right on down this best.


Left hand (if you are left-handed, your right ^ _ ^) to handle the brewing placed in flat and clean work surface, in addition to a fine powder hammer hand, as shown above the thumb and forefinger touching the metal part of the position, and then the powder hammer aligned with coffee (try to keep the level). Press down firmly, and do not be too hard, just be able to feel the coffee powder pressed flat on the line, it may be said is confused Oh! Pressure value is probably about 20-30lb / 9-13kg.


Relax your hand, gently rotate powder hammer. This action will make the surface of coffee following a smoother, more complete extraction of coffee behind smoother.


The handle is attached to the machine brewing brewing head and tighten. Before reloading recommend, acquire from the brewing head and put some hot water preheat Italian coffee cup.


Extraction, which is stable slow process, about 23-30 seconds, will produce dense Cream (orange mixed flaxen like) drew to a close, this time you can turn off the steam.


Quickly taste, not to try again

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