Prepare hot water, 1200-1400 g.


Weighing 50-60g coffee beans.


Water heating process, the beans are ground into powder. Thickness and use in the French press pot almost powder.


Prepare hot water, 1200-1400 g.


Expand the paper, put Chemex.


Pour some hot water into the filter paper impregnated with it, and the bottle can be warmed. You can also pour some hot water in the cup warm.


The ground coffee powder into the filter, you can shake a few times to make a more uniform distribution of the coffee powder inside and outside.


Start brewing coffee from the center of the circle gentle watering, slowly circle out, the water is twice the coffee powder, such as coffee powder is 50g so water is 100g. [Note Do not let the water onto the edge! ]


Then wait for about 30-45 seconds to allow the ground coffee to swell, and we usually call this "stifling" English told expand or bloom. Whether irrigated even affect the final coffee flavor.


Second watering, the same gentle circle out from the middle. Roughly the speed control in 2 minutes and 30 seconds to 3 minutes to complete watering.


Enjoy your coffee!

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