brew coffee without water

This is an issue that many people have asked, why is brewing without water? In order to have a sweet? For delicious? Why do some beans for a knife stream?

Or cards to a first embodiment: the premise is that you are able to distinguish draw drink, had resolved, not tell, do not go off constantly tangle water.

Without water causes about two, that it is not too difficult to understand.
First, when excessive water completely submerged coffee powder layer due to water pressure, water may leak from the portion of the side edge of the paper leak out, not all of the water through the powder layer, of course, it is the result Yasumizu taste.

Second, too much water, completely submerged powder layer, observe the effect of extraction is difficult to control.

In particular, some lighter baked beans, because originally when baking, can solute substances into moderate and roasts not much, no body would have coffee in deep baking good (of course, it also depends on the specific bean), if too much water, diffuse through the powder layer, produced water is more likely to have problems.

Conversely, what does not fit without water it?

Water, avoid flavored water, but the water again many times without water power and water have been the performance of the impact force on the powder layer is relatively easy to extract the lead to savor.

Therefore, the following recommendations to consider their own good control over the flow rate, without water to avoid too many times:

1, some of the stores of beans (regardless of the depth of baking), paragraph after brewing up less clean.

2, which is slightly dry incense smoke, not very clean.

3, bake slightly darker.

4, a part of the original bean flavor profile.

The first two issues have been baked because aspects of a lot but without water, it is easy to savor.

The third point is deeper because the baking can be a lysate, caramelized product and more to enhance the extraction rate faster, without water if too much is prone savor.

The fourth point, for example, part of the Brazilian beans, because of their own characteristics and baked beans, easier to extract brew bitter taste, but also easy to brew too far, and if multiple water, the taste is easy to go wrong.

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