This phenomenon hasn’t garnered much research attention but it does seem to get discussed quite a bit amongst drinkers (at least, those who respond to it!). Consequently, nobody has researched what it is in coffee that works the magic. We can assume that whatever the chemical is, it is working from a distance. The response can begin in as little as four minutes, suggesting some kind of signal is being translated down to the body’s nether regions.

Fortunately, no medical problem is associated with this phenomenon. Either it happens to you or it doesn’t. Maybe some people just ought to keep a roll of toilet paper handy, just in case!




We shouldn’t really think about whether caffeine alone is a diuretic. After all, we rarely consume caffeine by itself. The vast majority of caffeine consumption is taken in the form of caffeinated beverages, though some people do take caffeine pills just so stay awake.

Thus, we should really be asking if caffeinated beverages, such as coffee, are diuretics.

Once we begin considering caffeinated beverages, doing research to answer this question becomes simple; we can compare drinking them to drinking water. The results of the research help us conclude that caffeinated beverages (a single cup of coffee, for example) don’t cause us to urinate any more than water does. Higher doses of caffeine (two to three cups of coffee) may cause a short-term water imbalance, but only if the person has not been drinking coffee for a few days. For even larger volumes of caffeine intake, the research is murky and what does exist is in the context of high-performing athletes. In short, if a person builds up a tolerance to caffeine, caffeinated beverages aren’t going to cause urination any more than drinking water would.

Thus, caffeinated beverages don’t lead to dehydration. In fact, caffeinated beverages can be included as part of our daily requirement of fluid intake. So drink up and be happy! 

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