Save Coffee cooked beans

After roasting coffee beans is complete, volatile oxidation and aroma irreversible. So coffee lovers to save beans always meticulous. This article is mainly for the preservation of cooked beans parsing, I hope for your help.

1. What is the raising bean (single product)

Just roasted coffee beans because of excessive carbon dioxide, various flavors can not be fully released, did not drink up the taste. So the beans are not fresh as possible, take some time to do, "exhaust", we called Yang beans, beans, most single product after 24 hours of drinking, if relatively shallow baking, can raise more one day drink.

II. Best of flavor

After the completion of raising beans (about 24-48 hours) the best start drinking until the flavor of obvious defects flavor this time, called. In medium roast beans, for example, of the best flavors in about 30 days. If it is shallow baking, about 40-50 days, and the best flavors of dark roasted shorter, usually within 30 days.

The above said is the best flavor of the establishment under certain storage conditions, that is, three key factors to save the cooked beans: sealed, dark, damp.

Coffee beans a novice in store or online purchase of the majority over the flavor of the best, so players always circle of large commercial beans and beans imported brands scoffed. Often buy orders in recent days after baking or baking business, try to ensure that you receive fresh beans.

III. Coffee cooked beans bags

Most one-way exhaust valve of an aluminum foil-lined bags. Aluminum foil can block light and air. Way exhaust valve is the role of excess carbon dioxide is discharged, so that the bag without unsealing it will not break up.

When you get a bag of coffee beans useless. Because once completed raising beans, we do not need it and then the exhaust. When you press the exhaust valve to smell the aroma of coffee around, in addition to carbon dioxide emissions, there are many fragrance also discharged lost. Replace the container is sealed so the first step, when you open the lid to drink coffee, it completed the exhaust.

For example, we are using a one-way exhaust valve bags kraft aluminum foil, and a seal can be used repeatedly, but this package is not suitable for long-term preservation cooked beans. So way exhaust valve jar Naturally, this is also not recommended.

IV. Flavor oxidation process to

Flavor Beans complete support after the March is as follows

1. Acid sharp bright → 2. Acid bright aroma enhancement → 3. Acid softens aroma and sweetness enhancement → 4. A variety of flavors to balance → 5. Sour taste and aroma began to weaken miscellaneous → 6. Not fresh flaws flavor significantly (more than the flavor of the best).

The speed of this process has been based on the preservation and cooked beans baking depth vary, another person's taste experience and tasting skills vary, so this stage change can feel someone is 3 days, 5 days will others think Variety. It is indicated by the arrow as a reference. Because the flavors are constantly changing, so the actual decisions should keep the best flavor of the beans and the length of their own drink taste.

V. on Italian nutrients beans

Italian high-pressure extraction, flavor is enlarged and compact, so the flavor is too bright or too exciting is not suitable for the production, which is why most of the use of Italian roast and moderate use of blending beans, its purpose is to allow the flavor to balance, reduce irritation.

So to mark the flavor of 3 and 4 to flavor, more suitable for the Italian. Further Italian too fresh beans extracted oil will be very rough, affect the taste and sell and dissipate quickly.

This is the Italian support than a single product of the beans to be the reason for a long time, often some of the week or even longer.

Six .. choose a sealed container

He said before the one-way exhaust valve bags will be discharged too much fragrance, so even can be repeatedly sealed, not suitable for long-term use.
So sealed cans be the first choice, as we choose not smell, opaque sealed cans, sealed cans not necessarily equal to the additional seal. Most sealed cans are a little leak, it is a normal phenomenon. And there is also an air tank, some beans will continue to slow oxidation. The sealing is to extend the life of fresh.
VII. Low temperature and low humidity is the most important

Many friends will find bean flavor defects faster in the summer than in winter. High temperature and high humidity is to try to avoid, so in a sealed premise is always recommended freezing method. Of course, if we can finish in a relatively short period of time, changes in flavor stored at room temperature is acceptable.

Frozen not frozen, that is, to put beans frozen ice, frozen layer that is not on that layer of fresh refrigerated. Because the preservation of the environment, although low, but the humidity is too high, is not conducive to the preservation of beans, frozen area have lower temperatures and very low humidity, by the way is also correct a misunderstanding, it is freeze-dried, not wet.

Use freezing beans to save the simple reason, because freezing is still the best way to extend the life of ingredients, regardless of poultry meat, and even human organs and seed bank in the world, as well as male tadpoles, Oh are widely used in freezing , showing its breadth. From the science that hypothermia slows down the movement of molecules, white words of frozen ingredients can be locked in a relatively stable state remains unchanged.

So do in order to maintain a high degree of freshness to put frozen immediately, should be completed after raising beans, do you think is the best flavor when frozen into. Cooked beans moisture content is very low, so it will not freeze, can be used directly after removal. It's nothing magical, rice, mung bean will not put the frozen ice.

VIII. Note the use of frozen beans and small shortcomings

Just say the freeze does not make bean ice, taken directly after grinding production. After removing the amount required to be made back into the freezer as soon as possible, so as not to make the rest of the beans because the temperature difference between the surface condensation of water vapor. Of course, you do not have to rush back into the anxious, sealing the shell or can heat a few minutes, the time required for a sufficient amount of the removed and weighed. Also try the frozen environment clean and do not have to say it, to avoid the odor, or enough to seal the container does not have this problem.

This small Tupperware canister can hold about 20 grams each separate sealed freezer, either quickly removed without affecting the other beans, but also saves the weighing time, I have been recommended shop business use, but not many people use most or because too much trouble.

Freezing there is a small drawback is that the flavor will become a little bit boring, but the impact is very small, freezing may be the best flavor of the bean to extend a few months, so compared to savor not fresh, but this small drawback It pales.

For beans with slower friends, can also be the most simple experiment to verify the freezing process, the hands of the cooked beans into two, a sealed room temperature, a sealed freezer, after 2.3 months compare answers Tatemi It remains to be seen, so the method provides out, to see how to use the.

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