Roasted coffee

Green coffee bean itself is not any smell of coffee child, and only after the fry, to be able to smell the rich aroma of coffee child. So coffee beans roasted coffee beans is the transformation process of the internal components, only after baking produces can release a coffee aroma components, we can smell the aroma of coffee child.


However, during roasting coffee beans, the transition component is very complicated, after all, beans are organic, so this conversion component is a very complex and modern knowledge of organic chemistry is not fully understood.

However, the coffee beans roasted coffee beans directly determines the flavor is good or bad. Bad coffee roasting, green coffee beans are even good, but can not get good coffee cooked beans; the result is certainly not make good coffee. Only with a good coffee beans, properly roasted, may be processed only good coffee cooked beans, it may also provide a good prerequisite for the production of good coffee.

Roast coffee beans is about baking at high temperatures, baking or called, creating a unique coffee color (approximately amber, see baking degree requirements), flavor and aroma. Roast makes light green (or light yellow) green coffee beans into our usual familiar dark brown coffee beans. Refers to the quality of roast green coffee beans can have flavor, sour, bitter ingredients skillfully demonstrated.

Technology Research

Baking process will produce a series of chemical changes. After baking for about 5-25 minutes (depending on the selected temperature), green beans lose some moisture into yellow. In this process, the coffee beans will swell, changing from solid, high-density green beans state bulky state density. Through this process, the volume will increase about twice as beans, fried light Hazel start showing after. After this phase is completed (after about eight minutes of baking), the heat will turn small. Coffee color quickly turned into dark. When reaching the preset depth of baking, you can use cold air to cool the beans, so as to stop the baking process.

Baking roughly divided into shallow baking (Light), baking (Medium), City Bakery (City) and deep (Deep) baked. Shallow baking beans: there will be very strong odor, very crisp, high acidity is the main flavor and a slight degree of alcohol. Baked beans: There is a very strong degree of alcohol, but also save a certain acidity. Urban roasted coffee beans: surface with a deep brown, the focus is slightly bitter acidity replaced most of the flavor has been destroyed. Dark roasts: dark brown in color, surface weeping, significantly increased for most coffee beans alcohol, acidity is reduced. In fact, roasted coffee is a food processing methods. Professional bakers coffee roasting is a personal expression. Just getting started with specialty coffee (SPCIAITYCOFFEE) The biggest worry is the degree of roasting name. For example CITY, FULLCITY, FRENCH, ESPRESSO, etc. are used because of the different producing regions roaster and different, and have different levels of baking color. In addition, some degree of roasting coffee is a comprehensive named: for example ESPRESSO is an integrated coffee roasting degree of specific manufacturing ESPRESSO to use, even if the colors look the same, there may be a completely different flavor. So choose the type of beans, the baking temperature and baking mode, the length of the baking time are the main factors determine the final twist.


Specialty coffee roasting mode is usually divided into eight stages following example.

1, LIGHTRoast

Baking degree; extremely shallow baking, also known as shallow baking.

All stages of the most shallow baking baking, the surface of the beans was a touch of cinnamon color, taste and flavor all its shortcomings, this state is almost undrinkable. Generally used in the test, rarely used to taste.


Baking degree; shallow baking, also known as cinnamon baked.

General roast, presenting the appearance of cinnamon, stink smell has been eliminated, the smell still, strong acidity An American coffee roasting degree often used.

3, MEDIUMRoast

Baking degree; medium roast, also known as micro-baked. Moderate baking heat and light belong to American baking, in addition to sour, bitter also appeared, taste good. Aroma, acidity, moderate alcohol, commonly used in baking mix coffee.

4, HIGHRoast

Baking level; moderate micro-deep baking, baking known concentration.

Micro is moderately deep baking, roast slightly stronger compared with the micro-surface has appeared a little dark brown, bitter taste has become strong. Coffee taste sour and bitter, aroma and flavor are good, most of Japan, China and Europe who loved. (Blue Mountain Coffee)

5, CITYRoast

Baking degree; the roasts, also known as the city baked.

Most standard roast, bitter and sour balance, often used in French coffee. (Brazil, Colombia)


Baking degree; micro roasts, also known as deep baking city.

Slightly stronger than the deep roast, the color becomes quite deep, sour bitterness relatively strong, is Latin America-style baking method is perfect for all kinds of modulation iced coffee.

7, FrenchRoast

Baking degree; roasts, also known as French roast.

Also known as French or Continental Baking, belongs roasts, Secheng ribbon black tea, sour feeling has not, particularly in France, the most popular in Europe, because fat has penetrated to the surface, with a unique flavor, it is suitable for café con leche, Viennese coffee.

8, ItalianRoast

Baking degree; extremely roasts, also known as Italian baked.

Italian, also known as baking, roast before carbonation, smells burned, mainly popular in Latin countries, for quick coffee and cappuccino. Most use Espresso coffee on the series.

Tendency States

Each city of the world, has a tendency to bake their preferences.

Tokyo, micro-deep medium roast more popular, but also tend to slowly roasts. Kansai aspect, since in the past that is more popular roasts.

New York, as its name suggests, are generally more preferred baking city, but because the city is home to a variety of different race, it is also selling a variety of different degrees of roasting coffee beans, the change is also abundant.

Vienna is the preferred roasts. Even its name, the French are more like the French way of baking; Italians often use Italian style roasting.

However, in recent years, widespread use of European and American Italian bake method (Brazilian and Italian roasts most commonly used), change is colorful, and the vapor pressure brewed coffee is still loved by the people.

Ethiopian coffee beans roasted depth would be a waste. Because that would lose this coffee unique characteristics. The Yauco (Yauco) selected and Kona (Kona) coffee beans roasted black is not good, because when you do you'll lose it later pursued classical style.

When some black beans were roasted, it will be derived from new and interesting quality. Mexican black beans during roasting, it will produce an interesting sweetness.

Antigua, Guatemala baked beans at depth, as will retain their acidity and fruit flavor, which is more difficult for other coffee.

Sumatra coffee beans are usually full particles, but it is below the medium acidity, deep in baking, will lose acidity and sugar tends to become mushy.

In general, the more black baking, the lower the quality. Deep baking will mean the loss of most of the flavor of the coffee beans.

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