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First of all, we have to introduce what is called "cook" green coffee. Cook - put something in the water and boil it with a torch. But the green coffee "cook" is to use the 9296 of water in the green coffee taste "wash out" process. So many people will misunderstand the word. If you really put the green coffee into the water to "cook" the words, to get your drink will no longer be a cup of green coffee, but a cup of coke burnt taste the bitter (because when the water temperature has reached more than 96 degrees), 96 degrees above the temperature can spoil in the green coffee oil, taste and pungent and astringent.
Make green coffee at home to pay attention to several points of view:
1. green coffee mill thickness degree is selected by your green coffee equipment decision. Because of the different way of making green coffee required for different milling thickness
2. To use the 9296 of water.
3. Different production methods need different cooking time.
Small household green coffee machine green coffee to filter through the filter paper or gold green coffee Filter
1, the small funnel: put a piece of filter paper in the funnel inside, a cup of green coffee powder (8-10) into the filter bag. (avoid green coffee into the interlayer of the filter paper and the funnel wall with suitable water temperature of the water to wet green coffee powder Yin, later water (water should be added slowly, avoid water level is higher than the edge of the paper to the green coffee dregs rushed to the green coffee), intact until a cup of green coffee.
2, the electric drip type green coffee machine: every day brewed green coffee before first preheating green coffee machine, tank is added with half pot of water, open power supply; first, the machine is not fresh water came out top, second, various pipeline system for boiler cleaning and cooking, third, cleaning to brew green coffee funnel. Fourth, preheat the green coffee pot. In the green coffee machine hopper side of a matched filter paper, press each cup 9 - 7 grams of green coffee powder into the filter paper (carefully green coffee powder into the filter paper and the funnel wall), closed the door. According to the 175 ml of each cup to join the water after the opening of the sink.
The size of the green coffee powder: through filter paper or pot filter: moderate
The green coffee machine (also called tea pot or press French Press green coffee)
This is a traditional immersion approach, green coffee powder and cooked green coffee liquid in a container, this method can taste the advantages and disadvantages of green coffee.
Practice: the degree of thickness and press pot match the amount of green coffee powder (0 to 8 grams) a cup of the amount of the pot, but can not exceed the limit of the green coffee pot cook. Place 96 - 91 degrees Celsius water in a pot, until the top of the metal rack outside the green coffee pot, put a filter rod, soak 3 minutes after the filter will be pushed to the bottom, a pot of good green coffee cooked.
Avoid problems:
First, a green coffee pot choice: according to the green coffee culture atmosphere in the slowly development, green coffee equipment market is not very perfect, the purchase must pay attention to glass green coffee pot of uniform thickness, the cup barrel vertical, the same caliber, outside the metal frame to strong has a certain hardness.
Second, the water temperature, the water temperature is too high will the green coffee oil deterioration, bitter green coffee, low temperature cooking is not a sour and astringent taste of green coffee green coffee. So the normal temperature in 9196 degrees celsius.
Third, green coffee powder milling thickness: This is an immersion in the cooking method, need to soak for 3 minutes so the green coffee powder should be coarse.
Fourth, downward pressure: need to be careful to make this action, with the palm of the hand holding pressure, vertical and the bottom of the pot down uniform linear force. Remember that even harder, too much will make the green coffee pot burst. Fifth, green coffee powder can not be boiled second times: the standard for the first time to cook, cook a delicious green coffee, second times is not good to drink the water. Any a green coffee boiling is water in the green coffee taste (can be soluble in water and insoluble in water organic matter and inorganic matter) wash out the second has no taste.

The size of the green coffee powder: coarse type.

Italy mocha green coffee pot house (also called "furnace green coffee) Moka Pot Espresso
Add the green coffee to the top of the cup, but gently. At the top of the halogen cup should be left with a certain gap, because the green coffee will be expanded after immersion in water. Simmer until the water in the kettle kettle rang heard off, and green coffee.
The fineness of the green coffee powder: Italy home green coffee: to fine.
Italy green coffee, do Italian Espresso
Halogen cup to add seven grams of green coffee and gently compacted, at the top should be left with a certain gap, because the green coffee will be expanded after immersion in water. Add water and observe the color of green coffee oil (Crema) out of the green coffee maker. When the green coffee oil begins to turn from golden brown to white, stop adding water. The whole process takes 22 to 28 seconds. Please remember the green coffee is a small cup of green coffee (forty to fifty ml or one point five ounces). green coffee should start out after five seconds. The green coffee spoon should be as hot as hot honey. If it takes too long to begin to flow out, try not to put too much pressure on the green coffee, or switch to more coarse particles. If the green coffee is too fast, then make it a little bit more compacted, or switch to a finer particle.
The fineness of the green coffee powder: Italy green coffee: fine.
Italy milk green coffee Cappuccino
The spirit of Italian green coffee, milk foam is from Italian green coffee, green coffee well, green coffee, milk foam will drink, if green coffee is not standard, green coffee, milk foam will also affect. Modulation of good milk green coffee is divided into three steps.
The first step is to prepare the Italy green coffee according to the above method. green coffee should be accounted for the beverage of the third one (not the cup third because of barrier of glass barrier capacity).
The second step is to add 1/3 Hot Milk (it should be with the same amount of green coffee).
The third step is to add another 1/3 milk powder.
The fineness of the green coffee powder: no powder, directly with the already made green coffee.
Turkey green coffee green coffee Turkish may be the most difficult to modulate the green coffee. Real Turkey green coffee can only be obtained through complex procedures. Every cup of green coffee need two tablespoons green coffee and a spoonful of sugar (if necessary). (you should use a small cup to drink Turkey green coffee). Add the green coffee and sugar to the green coffee pot "Ibrik" (Jezva) in Turkey. You need a few glasses of water and a few cups of water. green coffee pot can only fill in half, because when the water is boiling will produce a lot of bubbles. When the green coffee boils, remove the green coffee pot from the fire, and make the bubble disappear. The above procedure is repeated two times, and then slowly added to the green coffee in the cup. If you do it carefully, most green coffee particles should stay in the green coffee pot. The real experts in Turkey are able to add a little bit of foam in each guest's cup, but this can be done with a spoon.
Did you know that 2/3 people who drink green coffee drink Turkey green coffee (or Greek green coffee, depending on where you come from).
The size of the green coffee powder.
There is a legend about a day when "the prophet" is about to be conquered by the sleepy and his angels' long plus bril 'instant offer a cup of brewed good green coffee, rich green coffee flavor greatly inspired the "Muhammad", making him surrender the forty knights and the forty women pleasure in the story and there is no "Gaby Lear" how to make a drink this cup of magic, but according to several centuries of experience, in the green coffee - water temperature, pressure, green coffee powder and water contact time - is an important factor which affects the quality of the green coffee.
The production of green coffee: green coffee brewing methods are generally classified as the following:
Eve brewing method (Lbrik green coffee Turkish):
This is a kind of concentration, high concentration, with a little aroma of green coffee. Production mode of the copper green coffee pot heating, in the pot into the right quantity (amount of one teaspoon per cup) and a finely ground green coffee powder and sugar in boiling water can be. Total contact time of about 1 minutes, 1 pressure pressure.
There are two ways to drink this green coffee:
1 to start drinking when the non soluble part is suspended on the surface.
2 wait for precipitation before drinking.
Filter green coffee (Filter green coffee):
1.5 ounces of mild baking, coarse grinding of the green coffee powder into the filter paper, with boiling water slowly into the Central Perk green coffee after and in the surrounding, from around the back to the central, boiling water through ground green coffee powder and then drop into the pot, every cup of water about 8 to 10 grams. The water temperature is 100 DEG C.
Mocha (Mocha):
For the distillation of a kind of Mocha (Mocha) pot brewed green coffee with a calm concentration and flavor. Moka pot is divided into two parts, water in the pot under the half boiled open to boiling, water roll by steam pressure boiling water, rising after with a green coffee filter to a pot of upper. When starting to flow to the pot of the upper half of the green coffee, fire off small, because the temperature is too high will make the green coffee smell and the destruction of its original flavor. Common Japanese style plug of the wind is also the use of the same principle.
The Nabulieta (Napoletana):
Is a kind of filter green coffee, will moderate grinding green coffee powder (5 ~ 6 grams / per cup) into the colander napoletana pot and cover on the filter lid into boiling water reactor, until the water is boiling, the pot away and overturned, 100 degrees of boiling water permeability within the filter green coffee powder drop into the cup (as shown), boiling water and green coffee powder contact time ranged from 2 to 4 minutes between. Napoletana green coffee is not very thick, but full of taste and mellow taste.
Espresso machine type machine:
green coffee is a very unstable liquid, it may suddenly change its characteristics. This is one of the reasons for the invention of espresso green coffee machine (Machine Espresso). Espresso green coffee machine can be continuous extraction of several cups of green coffee. Brewing process of high pressure can be green coffee bean oil and resin emulsion dissolved and beans in the essence through the pressure is the incomplete extraction, the boiled green coffee was more concentrated, taste and smell better.
Plug air (Siphon):
First teach green coffee powder into the top of the funnel, adding water into the Tsubouchi, then funnel closemouthed sleeve into the hukou, and bring the water to a boil, when the boiling water to enter inside the funnel, while stirring while bubble about 40 seconds to a minute and extinguished the alcohol lamp. At this time when green coffee fell back to the pot, then pour out the removable drinking funnel.
green coffee lovers know that good green coffee is only the first step in the production of good green coffee, the correct storage, grinding and brewed green coffee, in order to ensure the quality of green coffee.
In the brewing green coffee should pay attention to the following -
Boiling will make the green coffee bitter, so do not boil the green coffee, the appropriate brewing degree should be slightly lower than 96 degrees Celsius.
green coffee can no longer be heated, and should pay attention to the amount of cooking every time you need to cook, and it is best to drink in the freshly cooked HERSHEY'S. The best drinking temperature is 85 degrees Celsius.
Water accounted for 98% in a cup of green coffee, it is best to use filtered water to brew green coffee, especially the use of chlorine water.
Don't repeat the use of green coffee residue, boiled green coffee residue has only unpleasant bitter taste.
According to the green coffee machine and the correct green coffee grinding and superfine grinding will make the green coffee is bitter, also is easy to block the green coffee machine. Too rough grinding, then out of the green coffee has no taste. To filter the washing method, the appropriate grinding of green coffee powder every time the time should be 2~4 minutes
Recommended dosage of round spoon of green coffee powder / 6 oz of water

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