As used herein, part of the equipment:
Beans: Coffee beans fight with Gene
Espresso machine: LaSpaziale S1 Vivaldi II double boiler electric
Italian Grinder: Anfim Caimano
Concentration meter: ATAGO

About Espresso extraction of the network, there are many reports, not too much theory books, Detailed description is not detailed enough. See a lot of novice questions asked espresso, brother in this venture to take a few photos, write a few words explain how I am currently in the Espresso extraction. Text if wrong place, please also noted.

If you are making your own espresso at home, the proposed extraction Espresso required appliance: Semi-automatic espresso machine, espresso grinder for powder dust bowl is your size, electronic scales, timers, and concentrated coffee cup (best with scale), brush, towels, do not suck a bag of beans. . .

About beans, I say a few words, a lot of newcomers to practice hand, buy cheap beans, in fact, it will not help you improve your extraction technology, because extracted coffee does not taste good, you can not determine your machine problem or your technical questions, problems or beans. So, almost a pack of beans, at least let you know that a cup of coffee "does not taste good," not because of the problem of the beans, and then look for other reasons, try to narrow it.

A good cup of concentrated extract, needs a stable pressure and a suitable temperature, suitable grinding degree, a suitable amount of powder and the like. What is it appropriate? For example: WBC provisions 1 Espresso as 1oz (25 ~ 35ml, contains Crema), at a temperature of 90.5 Celsius ~ 96 brewing, brewing pressure 8.5bar ~ 9.5bar, extraction time of 20 to 30 seconds (not imposed) . In order to meet the above requirements, a good espresso machines and grinders are essential. Many beginners often concentrated extract bad, because the beginning do not know, would like to play entry, bought a relatively poor results of the so-called pressure 15bar espresso machine and can not be precisely adjusted scale or grinder is only suitable for grinding coarse powder single product grinder. In this urge novice, do not worry start espresso equipment, be sure to do your homework and then start, it will be very easy to spend money, but also do good coffee!

ok, let's get started. The following procedure may be more trouble, some of these steps are not required, only as a reference.

We need the right amount of powder, strictly speaking, 0.5 g of the gap, it will change the flow rate, and therefore try to control the amount of each powder in 0.5 grams, preferably 0.3 grams. By weight electronic scales scales of good beans, into the grinder, grind out again, this is not accurate (unless it is a similar kind of grinder HG-ONE), because you Modou chance to "eat" meal, or more "spit out" before the residual powder, so be sure to fall, said powder bowl of flour weight is the most accurate. Here with electronic scales weight scales beans, as a demonstration.

The following figure scales out 19 grams of beans into the grinder. (We assume that the polishing powder fell out of the bowl inside the powder also has 19 grams, the value computing section below will be used.)

Suitable grinding degree is very important, in other variables held constant, the scale will determine the speed of the outflow Espresso, we are also often adjust the scale to adjust the flow rate of the different formulations Italian coffee beans. Why says Italian grinder so important? Because the amount of powder, extraction time, pressure is generally fixed we can, we can achieve our requirements by adjusting the flow rate of the grinding mark, then slowly fine-tuning other variables, in order to find our favorite flavor. Single product grinder, hand grinder general, due to the adjustment range is too large a scale, can not meet the requirements of fine-tuning, it is not suitable for making espresso, could not even make espresso.

Home production is concentrated, the general day there will be a few glasses, in order not to affect the next cup of coffee extracts, grinders must be clean, including powder grinder channel, you need to use a brush or blowing, vacuum cleaners, and so clean. If your grinder residual powder inside, certainly under the influence of the flow rate of a cup of coffee, not fresh powder, but also make the taste worse. A friend said, my grinder special structure, in some places not to clean up, then you can clean up the place, try to clean up. Of course, not every open disc cleanup, recommends 1 to 3 months to clean up once disc.

In the above mentioned, the amount of powder must be said that fall inside the bowl of flour weight are correct, as shown below. If your powder agglomeration more serious, we must start stirring, you can use a toothpick. No serious pressure on the back of good powder caking together, the channel is likely to occur. The so-called channel, it simply is in the process of extraction, the powder has a small hole or crack or N appears, this time the high pressure water will quickly flow down from the channel, the powder is not completely extracted elsewhere, eventually leading to partial extraction channel excessive, inadequate extraction elsewhere. If by the end of the handle-free observation, may find the flow rate quickly, and soon the color lighter, there are spray and so on.

Many pressed powder method, what light pressure, stress, no pressure, etc. In short, our aim is to make the powder smooth, dense, uniform thickness.

After the pressure of the powder should be the same thickness, thin places otherwise there will be more water flows through, this could lead to over-extraction section, where the extraction of thick incomplete.

Prior to the handle, be sure to turn on the water, because this part of the water can be high temperature, so your coffee extract excessive drainage may be the way to clean up trap net. As for how much water to put, you have to do according to their own test, it puts more easily lose body heat too much, put no less effect.

Before extraction, ready electronic scales and timers. Why have a measuring cup, but also electronic scales? Because different formulations, different freshness of the beans, extracted oil not the same thickness, so the cup is not accurate, we need to accurately calculate the concentration and extraction rate, every step possible to be precise, otherwise the final out of the data errors too large, do not have guidance.

Extraction. . . Real-time observation of the extracted concentrate weight and time. . You press the button when the extraction press timer instead of flowing out the coffee press the timer, this must pay attention! ! As shown below

Extraction is completed, as shown below, we use 19 g powder with a time of 24 seconds, give two glasses of 18.9 g of concentrate, which is extracted a total of 37.8 g of concentrated liquid. This part will be used later to calculate the data. After the extraction is completed, be sure to clean up the brew head including residual powder residue apron above, otherwise it will affect the taste of your next cup of coffee, it makes your apron advance laid off.

Now we measure cup espresso concentration, with instruments to measure its Brix = 12.7%, TDS = 12.7% * 0.85 = 10.8% below this value calculation section will be used.

Now part of the calculation:
I assume that the amount of powder is 19 grams, the weight of 37.8 g espresso concentration of 10.8%
Extraction rate = (10.8% * 37.8) /19=21.5%
The end result: the concentration of 10.8%, the extraction rate of 21.5%, within the range of the Gold Cup

Within the scope of the Gold Cup, not that cup of coffee you drink, it can only give us a guidance, at least it will not be too bad cup of coffee, by fine-tuning, you can find your favorite flavor.

This article was extracted espresso although uses some assistive devices, but still did not meet the most stringent state. Want a good cup of concentrated extract is not a very simple thing, so, and then repeat the above words, do not worry the novice to start espresso machines and grinders, otherwise you probably extracted more than a cup of traditional Chinese medicine harder to drink beverages.

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