Coffee species


That belongs to the Italian coffee, is what we usually use a coffee directly rushed out, rich flavor, entrance, slightly bitter, retropharyngeal Liuxiang. Suitable for office workers.



The espresso add two tablespoons of milk into a cup of macciato. Macdo is the brand mark meaning in Italian, so a symbol of sweet imprint.



Is the most common coffee A part of black coffee. In the espresso directly into a large amount of water is made of relatively light taste, a higher caffeine content.


Flat white

Malaysia specialty white coffee color is not white, but more pastel than regular coffee, white coffee pure taste glycol fragrance.


Caffè Latte

Classic concentrated blend of coffee and milk. Coffee at the bottom, on top of the milk in the coffee, the top is a layer of foam. You can also put some caramel became caramel latte.


Con Panna

One Italian coffee varieties, with Ma Qiya flowers par by mixing espresso drink made of fresh cream, coffee below, whipped cream on top of the coffee.



It is one of the oldest coffee, is espresso, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and milk mixture, named after the famous Mocha Mocha Hong Kong. Its unique sweet, sour, bitter, extremely elegant. Senior general who loved varieties. Ordinary single product are drinking. Lubrication delicious drink. Mellow taste lasting refundable. If the deployment of Integrated coffee, is an ideal breed.


Caramel Macchiato

On the fragrant hot milk added to the concentrated coffee, vanilla, and finally topped with caramel made of pure, "Caramel" is the meaning of caramel. Caramel macchiato is to add the caramel Macchiato, stands for "sweet imprint."



Austria's most famous coffee from espresso, whipped cream and chocolate mixture. Soft cream and refreshing, slightly bitter coffee lubrication, syrup instant undissolved.


Irish Coffee

Is both a coffee like a wine like coffee, espresso joined by Irish whiskey, and then placed in the top layer of whipped cream from the system configuration. It can be said, the Irish coffee is a coffee with alcohol.


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