For example, if we want a longer contact time, we need to increase the grind size and reduce agitation or increase the brew ratio and increase agitation. If we don’t, then too many solutes will be extracted. Alternatively, if we add pressure, then contact time and grind size will need to be adjusted down. By manipulating each parameter just a little, we can have a slightly different resultant brew. This interaction of all the brewing parameters is what allows us to devise so many different ways of brewing coffee.

So, what makes for a great coffee brewer? The easy answer is to say one that takes into account all the sweet spots of the brewing parameters and ensures everything follows the rules. However, just because some contraption can create a fantastic cup of coffee, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great brewer. As any user will tell you, price, ease of use, ease of cleaning, and any number of other factors play a role in the utility of a tool. There are many great coffee brewers that produce fantastic coffee, each one creating a novel representation of the beans that are used. Such diversity, as always, should be celebrated.

Perhaps it just means that we ought to have more than one coffee brewer on the kitchen counter!

Did you know?

Coffee drinking has a positive effect on liver function while reducing the risks of chronic liver disease and cirrhosis. 

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